A master in best summer plan creating-far beyond a summer school platform.


    ONPS is the international summer school platform with the largest scale of student enrollment in Greater China in 2014.

    ONPS International Summer School Platform was founded in 2010. Until now, we have succeeded in helping 5 universities operate standard international summer school programs. We have attracted over 2000 students and have their credits transferred to over 300 universities successfully.


    ONPS is the only international summer school platform who cooperated with universities from both China mainland and Taiwan.

    ONPS offers interactions between different campuses which enable students to get different academic and culture experiences in one summer.


    ONPS International Summer School Platform provides more campus options than any other summer school does.

    Want to take summer courses close to your home? Want to get different academic and amazing culture experiences? ONPS will cooperate with more and more host universities which meet the request of CDGDC and WES. We will offer you the same meaningful and memorable summer time in different charming cities.


    The most reliable platform to ensure the credit transfer.

    ONPS International Summer School Platform only in charge of the management issues during the program. Every host university takes the responsibility of the academic affairs. The running of international summer school program are all under the host universities’ academic rules. The students’ grades can be assured and they will get the official transcript from academic affair department


    The first summer school platform with all the host universities verified by the Ministry of Education.

    As a forerunner of international summer school platforms, the mode conducted by ONPS International Summer School Platform is approved by domestic and overseas verification constitutes. ONPS’ cooperative host universities were the first universities to got the verification from CDGDC (China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center) and WES (World Education Services). ONPS’ effective and efficiency credit transfer system was build up by those three elements: The academic assistance from North America universities, the official transcripts from Chinese universities and the verification from both CDGDC and WES are the three elements to ensure the effective and efficient credit transfer.


    More course options than ever

    We offer more than 120 courses every year which include core courses in Economics,Business, Social Science, Humanities, Non-western area. The transferred credits will not be counted into students’ GPA in their home universities.


    The largest faculty team

    Over 40 professors from North American prestigious universities joined ONPS every year. In ONPS, you will meet excellent professors from top universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, Duke University, Washington University in St. Louis and etc. Our students will not only join our credit and non credit program, but also get the recommendation letter from our remarkable professors. Until now, there have been more than 100 outstanding students got offer from world top universities and fortune 500 enterprises.

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GPA Income: 5 weeks> 6 months. Transferred credits will not be counted into GPA

Completing the 6-month courses in 5 weeks, have you got a plan for the 145 days before graduation day? Getting a flying license in Pullman? Scuba diving in Hawaii? Parachuting in Snake canyon? To be the awesome you!

We want both: save money and transfer credit

Saving 100000 RMB in 5 weeks! Watching Lakers home game in Staples~ Saying “I want all” in Bergdorf Goodman~ Surfing along Huntington Beach~ To be the coolest you!

All the host universities of ONPS were verified by the Ministry of Education

All the host universities of ONPS were verified by CDGDC and WES. ONPS ensures a successful credit transfer for you!

Top university professors

ONPS makes it easier to improve your academic background and get recommendation!

Kevin Wall

Harvard University

Robin Gottlieb

Harvard University

Pedro Jiménez

Stanford University

Marcello Di Bello

Stanford University

Paul A.Tiffany

University of California-Berkeley

Chikwendu C. Ukaegbu

Northwestern University

All the professors in ONPS are from top universities such as Yale University, Harvard University, Duke Universities, and Brown Universities etc......ONPS makes it easier to improve your academic background and get recommendation!

Love-Welcome Home

We care both what you do and what you think

Here’s first mini talk show about the communication between international students and their parents.

We Care

ONPS pays attention to not only the credit transfer, but also the future of students’ academic development.
All the ONPS students could get the academic direction from our cooperative institutions for free.

This is ONPS-Your summer days in bloom

Check out for the various non-credit courses in ONPS ~ You will never ever get back to be common!

Intercity Tour: Amazing Taiwan Tour after Summer Course

Social Network: Beach BBQ, Yacht Party, Talk show, Equestrianism

We are offering you a sparkling summer!

Career Program

With real business simulation, Fortune 500 enterprises’ support, you will meet your most fantastic opportunity in this summer!

Research Program

Some achievements of our research program have been adopted by the government. Our professors were invited for the business dinner by the mayor. This is not only a simple research program, but also a chance to make changes!

Systems and services make a difference.

Our self-developed mobile web as well as the pick-up and hotel booking service makes it easier for students to check credit transfer information.

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